Upper-case escape

How is the string "abc\Ndef", with an uppercase escape sequence, processed?

Lexical syntax error: Racket, Gambit, Chicken, Scheme48/scsh, Guile, Vicare, Ypsilon, Mosh, IronScheme, NexJ, KSi, SigScheme, Scheme 9, S7, SXM, Spark, Inlab, Owl Lisp, Sagittarius

"\N" is the same as "N": Gauche, Bigloo, Kawa, SISC, Chibi, SCM, Larceny, STklos, Shoe, TinyScheme, Dream, BDC, Rep, Elk, UMB, VX, Oaklisp, Llava, Sizzle, FemtoLisp, Dfsch

"\N" is the same as "\n": MIT, RScheme

"\N" is interpreted as two characters: Schemik

Ambiguous result: Chez

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