Unicode lambda

Which schemes support, by default, the unicode lambda character as an alternative to "lambda"?

The following expression was evaluated on the REPL: ((λ () "ok")).

Of course, any Scheme supporting Unicode in identifiers and any form of symbol aliasing (syntax-case, for example, allows one to do that) could be programmed to translate unicode lambda in ASCII lambda. This shows the default behavior on the REPL only.

Scheme supports λ ? remark
Bigloo NO
Biwa NO
Chez NO
Chibi NO
Chicken NO
Loko NO
Gambit NO
Gauche NO uses caret (^)
Guile YES
Kawa NO
Lips NO
Peroxide NO
Racket YES
Sagittarius NO
STklos YES
Tinyscheme NO
Unsyntax NO
Ypsilon NO

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