Random number generation

Is there a fixed seed for the pseudo-random number generator? And what method is used for generating them?

What is the result of

(import (srfi 27))(random-real)

or equivalent?

(Evidently, the test is performed several times starting a fresh REPL then exiting, and then starting over...)

Interestingly, some schemes do share both the seed and the method -- because the generated random real is the same for them.

At least in the case of Sagittarius and STklos, that is not due to implementors using the reference implementation of SRFI-27: STklos uses a custom Mersenne Twister generator.

System fixed or varies? value obs PRNG method
Bigloo varies (randomfl)
Chez fixed 0.49980777502645934 (random 1.0) random seed generated from thread context. (c/number.c)
Chibi varies
Chicken fixed 0.857402537562821 = S48, gambit Reference implementation of SRFI-27 (based on Pierre Lecuyer's MRG32K3A)
Cyclone varies Linear Congruential (srfi/27.sld)
Foment varies C++ <random> (src/random.cpp)
Gambit fixed 0.8574025375628211 = S48, chicken Reference implementation of SRFI-27 (based on Pierre Lecuyer's MRG32K3A)
Gauche fixed 0.8147236863931789 Mersenne Twister
Guile fixed 0.8187953998906781 Multiply With Carry (libguile/random.c); also external? (lib/getrandom.c)
MIT fixed 0.9123799209965706 ChaCha20 (src/runtime/random.scm)
Sagittarius fixed 0.7868209548678019 = STklos Mersenne Twister (sitelib/srfi/%3a27/random-bits.scm)
Scheme48 fixed 0.8574025375628211 = gambit, chicken
STklos fixed 0.7868209548678019 = sagittarius Mersenne Twister (lib/srfi/27.{stk,c})
Unsyntax varies
Ypsilon varies Multiply With Carry (sitelib/srfi/27.scm)

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