This is an explanation of what's optional in IEEE and R5RS Scheme, grouped for ease of understanding.

Not present in IEEE, required in R5RS

Laziness: delay, force

Macros: define-syntax, let-syntax, letrec-syntax

Lists: list-ref, list-tail

Strings: list->string, string->list, string-copy, string-fill!

Vectors: list->vector, vector->list, vector-fill!

Multiple values: call-with-values, values

Eval: eval, null-environment, scheme-report-environment

Not present in IEEE, optional in R5RS

Arithmetic: Subtraction and division with more than two arguments

REPL: interaction-environment

Files: with-input-to-file, with-output-to-file

Loading: load

Optional in both IEEE and R5RS

Inexact rationals: exp, log, sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan, sqrt

Complex numbers: angle, imag-part, magnitude, make-polar, make-rectangular, real-part

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