Hyperbolic trigonometric functions

This is a list of systems and their support for the hyperbolic trigonometric functions.

Also included is the result for (atanh 1), with an exact 1. For every implementation that supports hyperbolic trigonometric functions, the value of (atanh 1.0), with inexact 1.0 is +inf.0.

System support (atanh 1)
Bigloo n
Biwa n
Chez y error
Chibi n
Chicken lib +inf.0
Cyclone n
Gambit y error
Gauche y +inf.0
Guile y +inf.0
Kawa y +inf.0
Loko n
Racket y +inf.0
Sagittarius n
SCM y +inf.0
STklos y error
Unsyntax n
Ypsilon n

These functions are part of the Common Lisp standard, but not all implementations work the same, as can be seen below. For Common Lisp, the result is always the same for integer 1 and float 1.0.

System (atanh 1)
CCL division by zero
Clisp division by zero
ECL division by zero
GCL division by zero
SBCL division by zero

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