Overflow in expt

What is the result of (expt 2 2305843009213693951)? The exponent is too large for the number to be computed, so the system may detect it and report an error or try anyway and crash due to lack of memory.

System result note
Bigloo +inf.0
Biwa +inf.0
Chez abort
Chibi loop (?)
Chicken loop (?)
Cyclone error (no crash) "Bad argument type"
Gambit uses up all memory
Gauche error (no crash) complains about too large a number
Guile abort
Kawa +inf.0
LIPS error (no crash) complains about bigint being too large to allocate
Loko loop (?)
MIT error (no crash) complains about not having enough memory
Racket error (no crash) complains about not having enough memory
Sagittarius crash
SCM error (no crash) complains about a bignum overflow
STklos crash
Unsyntax loop (?)
Ypsilon crash

For comparison,

System result type note
ABCL error overflow
Clisp error overflow
CCL error overflow
ECL loop (?)
GCL abort
SBCL error heap exhausted "proceed with caution"
Clojure error overflow
elisp error overflow

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