Is abs the same as complex norm?

What is the result of (abs -3-4i)?

Some systems will complain that the argument is not real; some will compute the complex norm; and some will make some other decision, such as return the argument unchanged or take the absolute value of the real part only.

System result remark
Bigloo no complexes
Biwa no complexes
Chez error
Chibi -3-4i leaves unchanged
Chicken error
Cyclone error
Gambit error
Gauche 5.0
Guile error
Kawa 5.0
LIPS error
MIT error
Racket error
Sagittarius 5 keeps exactness
STklos error
Unsyntax -3-4i leaves unchanged
ABCL 5.0
CCL 5 keeps exactness
Clisp 5 keeps exactness
ECL 5.0
GCL 5.0
SBCL 5.0

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