Apply args limit

These tests try to find out the practical limits of the length of list in (apply + list). I used make-list to construct a list of one million zeros and invoked the above apply. If it worked, I tested no further; if it crashed, I read the error messages and when necessary tested with shorter lists.

These tests were done on a 64-bit Linux system.

1000000 arguments works correctly: Racket, Gauche, Bigloo, Kawa, SISC, SCM, Larceny, IronScheme, NexJ, JScheme, SigScheme, Scheme 9, KSi, Shoe, Rep, Schemik, FemtoLisp, Dfsch, Inlab, Oaklisp, Sagittarius, Chibi

500000 arguments works correctly: Scheme48/scsh

100000 arguments works correctly: S7, Chicken 5

10000 arguments works correctly: Guile, Mosh, XLisp, TinyScheme, Elk, Llava, SXM, S7, STklos (default stack size) [*]

6500 arguments works correctly: Sizzle

1000 arguments works correctly: BDC

Hard limit is 126937 arguments: MIT

Hard limit is 8192 arguments: Gambit, Vicare

Hard limit is 2048 arguments: Chicken 4

Hard limit is 2026 arguments: Foment

Hard limit is 998 arguments: RScheme

Cannot run test: UMB, Owl Lisp

[*]: If STklos is started with -s 10000000 then it will support the initial test with one million arguments.

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